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 Email: info@ditrucanada.ca     Phone Number and   Working hours: Vary depending on the offices. Please check Contact Page for more details.


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RCMP Fingerprint



Frontier One is RCMP-Accredited Fingerprinting Agency. Since opening, Frontier One has been proud to provide quality products and outstanding services to the Mississauga / Brampton and surrounding communities. 


RCMP Digital Fingerprint

Canadian Criminal Background Check by fingerprinting submitted electronically to RCMP for:

  • Canadian Permanent Resident applications
  • Canadian Citizenship applications
  • Employment purposes (Federal, Provincial, Municipal or Private Organizations)
  • Memberships to professional associations (Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Immigration Consultant…etc)
  • Volunteer purposes
  • Request for Canadian Criminal Background Check from Foreign Countries.
  • Any other requests for Criminal Background Check by fingerprinting.

FBI Fingerprinting

Printed Fingerprint Cards in acceptable FBI format for US Visa or Immigration Purposes (Digital Only)

  • 10-print printed on standard FBI form to be sent by you to the FBI for US Visa or US Immigration purposes.
  • Please note we only provide digital prints only. No ink-and-roll service.


Address: 100 Matheson Blvd E, Unit 204, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2G7.

Phone Number: 416-628-3699


Working Hours: Mon – Fri : 10am – 5pm . Sat : 10am – 3pm. 




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